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Seguimi - Regia di: Claudio Sestieri

Un villaggio medievale perso in una natura selvaggia, un pittore che confonde vita e arte, una modella giapponese abituata a giocare con il proprio corpo, una tuffatrice che non ha ancora fatto i conti con il suo passato. Tre vite in gioco, una passione che si trasforma in ossessione, l'assurdo che irrompe nella realtà...Scarica il pressbook (ITA / ENG)
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On the Volcano - Regia di: Gianfranco Pannone

Maria, Matteo and Yole; three lives at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, a unique location laden with history, mythology, and literary allusions.Maria lives and works in a plant nursery just downhill from an abandoned Vesuvian villa, while "cultivating" her own intellectual curiosity and discreetly guarding the volcano itself.Matteo is a talented painter who tries his hand at making artworks out of lava which attest to his profound ties to the land; indeed, he has never left.Yole is a "neomelodic" singer, an independent young woman who sees no contradiction in also being a devotee of the Virgin Mary; Yole's religious feeling…
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Documentary, prod. Blue Film with MiBAC and Rai Cinema, in partnership with Soul Movie, Istituto Luce - Cinecittà and in collaboration with Film Commission Regione Campania, Parco Nazionale del Vesuvio, Osservatorio Vesuviano e Sud Lab
Distribution by Istituto Luce - Cinecittà

Southeast Asian Cinema. When the Rooster Crows - Regia di: Leonardo Cinieri Lombroso

Southeast Asian Cinema When the rooster crows is a voice of diversity reaching for change. Brillante Mendoza, Eric Khoo, Garin Nugroho, Pen Ek Ratanaruang give voice to a region rich with traditions, ethnic groups, languages, politics, and religions. It is cinema, at its purest form, fighting for freedom of expression, documenting real lives of ordinary people, giving voice to the underdogs and the outcasts. The amalgamation of these aspects gives birth to an ultra-neo-realistic cinema language currently unique to films from this region.Through their words, each director candidly shared their experience working and producing independently, all of them, breaking barriers…
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Documentary, an Italy-Singapore co-production by Blue Film and M'GO FILM

World Premiere at BIFF - Busan International Film Festival 2014 
Luang Prabang Film Festival 2014
Singapore Film Festival 2014
Salaya International Documentary Film Festival 2015

Doris & Hong - Regia di: Leonardo Cinieri Lombroso

Hong loves art. She studies it at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Having just arrived from China, and being her first time outside her birth country, she answered an advertisement for an apartment rent from Doris, a lively 70 year old Italian who was born in Eritrea during the italian colonial period. The two women met by chance. Both women share few in common. Both from two opposite cultures with significant age difference and way of living. They had thought that their encounter was to be temporary and limited to sharing a living space. But time tells a…
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Documentary, prod. Blue Film

Raver Eolica - Regia di: Luciano Curreli

Un Don Chisciotte contemporaneo sta vagando in mezzo alla natura con il fido Sancho Panza, quando la sua moto in panne si ferma davanti a una distesa di pale eoliche situate in mezzo al nulla. Il mulino a vento è un avversario da sfidare? Forse no, non può essere cattivo chi si alimenta con il vento. I due vedono da lontano una donna bellissima che balla musica elettronica. La ragazza è stranamente collegata a una pala eolica con un grosso cavo per prendere l'energia del vento. La raver balla con ritmo inesauribile, senza perdere un colpo. È come un motorino. I due…
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2015 - Cortometraggio, prod. Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission e Blue Film
Un film del progetto "HEROES 20.20.20."

Con te e senza di te - Regia di: Lucia Sardo

Silvana, Rita, Lucia e Elvira si ritrovano, per una strana congiunzione astrale, tutte e quattro alle prese con la fine di lunghe relazioni. Decidono di "curarsi" a casa, stando insieme, leggendo e discutendo, cucinandosi cose buone. Silvana, nello specifico, è ancora innamorata di Niki, un pittore a cui si era votata anima e corpo, senza averne indietro altro che brevi momenti di affetto, e disinteresse. Per estirpare l'amore per Niki da Silvana, le sue amiche decidono di sottoporla a un rito di psicomagia, ricavato dai libri del maestro Alejandro Jodorowski.
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2015 - Cortometraggio, prod. Blue Film con il sostegno della Sicilia Film Commission
Premio del pubblico "Miglior Cortometraggio" all'Ortigia Film Festival 2016

Happy Days Motel - Regia di: Francesca Staasch

Happy Days Motel is at the same time a Road Movie, a contemporary noir and a surreal and acid comedy. It's about the interrupted travels of an ordinary man, Balti (Lino Guanciale) working for a dubious company, downsized from IT to deliver packages whose content he ignores. He ends up in the suspended and unreal "Happy Days Motel, where his life collides with four absurd characters: LAURA (Valeria Cavalli) a middle class lady, not a detail out of place, whose daughter dies after five years of coma, she's been wondering aimlessly ever since only to stop and settle on the…
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2012 - Feature Film HD, prod. Blue Film with Rai Cinema, in association with FourLab, with the support of Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission
Featuring Lino Guanciale, Valeria Cavalli, Luigi Iacuzio, Luciano Curreli, Valeria Belardelli
Distribution Cubovision for Rai Cinema and Rai Cinema Channel
Home Video 01 Distribution

Official Selection Gallio Film Festival

Best Indipendent Film at NapoliCulturalClassic 2013

Official Selection OFF PLUS CAMERA International Festival of Independent Cinema - Cracovia

Arriving on a deserted beach in the Mediterranean sea, in a time and a place unspecified, Kaspar Hauser is forced to confront the evil of a Grand Duchess who feels threatened the power she exercises over the community. In order to relieve of the blonde stranger, she calls for help The Pusher, a villain whith which she has a relationship, who knows how to relieve of the "enemy". But they have to deal with the Sheriff, a DJ who considers Kaspar the new Messiah.
What brought the richest man of the late 18th century to die in a province in the depths of southern Italy? A grand estate, a wine: Zucco. The Duke of Aumale was the son of Louis Philippe, the first bourgeois King, known as the King of the French. He was exiled from his beloved France and in Sicily found a land where he could apply the 'agricultural' precepts of Virgil, an author loved by his childhood educator Cuvilliere-Fleury, correspondence with whom lasted throughout his life and bear witness to his love of books, art and wine. Zucco's wines became famous…
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2012 - Documentary, prod. Blue Film, with the contribution of Film Commission Regione Siciliana
World Sales Berta Film
A BETTER WORLD13 Mostra Internazionale di Architettura Biennale di Venezia
SONOMA CALIFORNIA35 Festival Internazionale del film
PRIX DE LA REVUE DES ŒNOLOGUES 20th Oenovideo International Grape and Wine Film Festival - Carcassonne Francia
SPECIAL SCREENING at Vinitaly 2013 – Verona
VINARTE AWARD at XXI IFFEST Document.Art. - Bucarest, Romania
Lando Buzzanca, crossed from the far 1959 with a small role in William Wyler's Ben Hur, the entire production of industrial cinema Italian. More than 150 films were shown in the 60s, 70s and 80s large part of the sex comedy, creating a wide audience of aficionados all over the world.Lando Buzzanca was an accomplished actor who has worked in those years, with authors such as: Pietro Germi, Alberto Lattuada, Antonio Pietrangeli, Pasquale Festa Campanile, Luciano Salce, Luigi Magni. He played at least a dozen films that evade the boundaries of the genre."Lando Buzzanca.Uno Nobody hundred thousand" traces through the…
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2012 - Documentary, prod. Blue Film, with the contribution of Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali (MiBAC), Cinecittà Luce and Regione Lazio
Blue Film Distribution
Worl Sales Berta Film
Official Selection "Premio Villanova Monteleone" - Sardinia Film Festival 2013
Special Event "Omaggio a Lando Buzzanca" Cantieri alla Zisa di Palermo
Special Event at BIF&ST Bari International Film Festival
Special Event at COSTAIBLEA Film Festival di Ragusa

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