Blue Film

Linee di confine

Linee di confine
  • Director:

    Gianfranco Pannone

  • Produced by:
  • Executive Production:

    Blue Film

  • Cinematography:

    Tarek Ben Abdallah

  • Editing:

    Erika Manoni

  • Music:

    Marco Russo


Eleonora, Marco, Simonetta, Lido, Valentina: five people who have suffered serious injuries in the workplace and that, with the assistance of INAIL, have been able to dramatically improve their living conditions. Along with them a social worker, Olivia, who listens and support them. For women overcome the trauma of an impairment or a disability that forces you to stay on a wheelchair, it is more difficult: too many social conditioning, being a mother and working, for example. For both men and women, the challenge is to never feel in that line that claims to separate the "healthy" by the disabled.

Scheda Tecnica

Genre - institutional documentary
Year - 2010
Procution state - Terminato