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Corps à Corps - Regia di: Mario Brenta and Karine De Villers

From scene to screen there's nothing but a canvas' depth. Various worlds interlace on this white canvas giving life to an indipendent, separate, cinematographic show, that arise, without a prepared text, from actors' improvisations during Pippo Delbono's Orchidee (Orchids) rehearsals - orchids, flowers at the same time real and fake, like our time, after all. Through these actors' unique bodies and natures the movie touches emotion. Naked, on a high heels, half-man half woman, the body becomes the subject of a look that dig up deep-down imagination and desire...
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2014 -Documentary, prod. Image Cré, in association with Apapaja Srl and WIP (Wallonic Image Production)
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Out of Competion at Med Film Festival
Winner of Grand Prix de Vojtech Jasny at Festival Arts & Film Prague

Brasimone - Regia di: Riccardo Palladino

Legend has it that every lake worth of that name must have its monster. Somebody consider the monster as a threat to keep off, someone else recognizes in it an opportunity and starts to live with. Young Sharon lives there, around the beautiful Brasimone lake, in the Appennini mountains, near Bologna, where fascinating nature and futuristic industrialization coexist along an ambitious and unaware dream. Mountain life, seasons and recent Italian events cross each other, while onshore Brasimone lake they built a nuclear power plant, never working, yet
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2014 - Documentary, prod. CamerAmano, in associaton with Kaleidoscope Factory and Comune di Camugnano, Comune di Castel Di Casio, under the patronage of Istituto per i Beni Culturali, Artistici e Naturali della Regione Emilia Romagna
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Visions du Réel International Film Festival - International Competition, section: Medium Length Films

Giving Voice

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2009 - Documentary, prod. Iota Production and RTBF, with the support of Governo Federale del Belgio

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