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Corps à Corps

Corps à Corps
  • Director:

    Mario Brenta and Karine De Villers

  • Featuring:

    Pippo Del Bono and
    his Theatre Company

  • Film Producer:

    Martine Barbé - ImageCré

  • Produced by:

    Image Cré

    in association with
    Apapaja Srl

    WIP (Wallonic Image Production)

    With the support of
    Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles

  • Concept:

    Mario Brenta
    Karine De Villers

  • Cinematography:

    Mario Brenta

  • Editing:

    Karine De Villers

  • Italian Distribution:

    Blue Film


From scene to screen there's nothing but a canvas' depth. Various worlds interlace on this white canvas giving life to an indipendent, separate, cinematographic show, that arise, without a prepared text, from actors' improvisations during Pippo Delbono's Orchidee (Orchids) rehearsals - orchids, flowers at the same time real and fake, like our time, after all. Through these actors' unique bodies and natures the movie touches emotion. Naked, on a high heels, half-man half woman, the body becomes the subject of a look that dig up deep-down imagination and desire...

Scheda Tecnica

Genre - documentary
Film Run - 90 min.
Year - 2014
Procution state - Terminato
Shooting Support - HD
Format - HD
Aspect Ratio - 1:1.85
Sound Mix - Stereo

Premi e Festival

Awards and Festivals -

Out of Competion at Med Film Festival - Rome
Winner of Grand Prix de Vojtech Jasny at Festival Arts & Film Prague

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