Blue Film

La strada verso casa

 by Peter Olexa
  • Director:

    Samuele Rossi

  • Cast:

    Giorgio Colangeli
    Alessandro Marverti
    Roberta Caronia
    Cecilia Albertini
    Rita Montes
    Massimo Triggiani
    Maria Teresa Bax

  • Film Producers:

    Bruno Tribbioli
    Alessandro Bonifazi
    Samuele Rossi

  • Produced by:

    with the support of
    Comune Di Pescia
    Provincia Di Pistoia

  • Subject and Screenplay:

    Samuele Rossi
    Francesca Galli
    Daniela Mitta

  • Cinematography:

    Maria Rosaria Furio

  • Editing:

    Alessandro Latrofa

  • Music:

    Giuseppe Cassaro

  • Costume Designer:

    Bianca Maria Gervasio

  • Sound:

    Edgar Iacolenna

  • Italian Distribution:

    Blue Film


There are times when life suddenly breaks. When his father dies, Michelangelo - a young, aspiring writer - has to deal with the impossibility of finally being understood and he has to give up his dream in order to take care of his mother and sister. Antonio, a rich factory owner, finds himself trapped in his wife's reality: Marta is unable to process their daughter's early death. Giulia is a young woman who gave birth to her child, short after her husband got in an accident. Eversince that day, she lives in the hospital and waits for her husband to wake up from his coma, keeping her child with her. These three stories, that might seem so different, intertwine in unexpected ways. These characters imperceptibly help each other through their pain and end up discovering, beyond it, a new though suffered way to go back home.

Scheda Tecnica

Genre - drama
Film Run - 81 min.
Year - 2011
Procution state - Terminato
Format - HD - color
Aspect Ratio - 1:1.85

Premi e Festival

Awards and Festivals -

Nomination Best Original Screenplay New York City International Film Festival 2011
Critic's Award M-Feel, Audience Award SocialWord and Special Mention for Best Cast atXV Terra di Siena International Film Festival
Special Event Europe Cinema at Portland Maine Film Festival 2011
New Filmmakers Competition - Official Selection 35th São Paulo Internacional Film Festival
VI Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma Vetrina dei Giovani Cineasti Italiani
Best Actor Award to Giorgio Colangeli at XI Festival del Cinema Indipendente
Ricciolo D'Oro Award Best International Featuring Film at V Filmfestival del Garda

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