Blue Film

Nelle tue mani

Nelle tue mani
  • Director:

    Peter Del Monte

  • Featuring:

    Kasia Smutniak
    Marco Foschi
    Luisa De Santis
    Severino Saltarelli
    Luciano Bartoli
    Simona Caramelli
    Alberto Cracco
    Gaetano Carotenuto
    Riccardo Francia
    Eleonora Solofra
    Alba Rohrwacher
    Carolina Levi

  • Film Producers:

    Bruno Tribbioli
    Alessandro Bonifazi
    Roberto Levi
    Matteo Levi

  • Produced by:

    Blue Film
    11 Marzo Film
    Coca Color

  • Subject and Screenplay:

    Peter Del Monte
    Michele Pellegrini

  • Cinematography:

    Marco Carosi (a.i.c.)

  • Editing:

    Erika Manoni

  • Music:

    Paolo Silvestri

  • Production Design:

    Nicola Pontrandolfo

  • Costume Designer:

    Valentina Stefani

  • Sound:

    Marco Fiumara

  • Italian Distribution:


Teo is a student of astrophysics and shares a flat with his girlfriend, Carla, who's also a student. One evening, while crossing the road carelessly, Teo is hit by a car drived by Mavi, a girl from Split, arrived in Italy with his father when she was a child. Teo is lying on the ground, wounded, and Mavi give aid to him, only to disappear into thin air. The couple will meet again by chance some time later, only to immediately establish a strong and deep bond. The years go by: Teo and Mavi got married, had a daughter, Caterina, and family life runs quietly. However, when Teo gets a job that forces him to travel, the wife begins to show some signs of mental imbalance, both for the jealousy of her husband, and for feeling inadequate to take care of his daughter alone. After a series of quarrels increasingly violents, culminating in injuries to Teo, the man moved by his parents, carrying Catherine. Since then, Caterina grows up with his father and grandparents. Mavi, meanwhile, seems to slowly recover, thanks to a new job, and get joint custody of the child. The balance found, however, is only an illusion: the woman falls again in the throes of his emotional instability, exacerbated by the ambiguous relationship with his father, which seems to leak a traumatic past...

Scheda Tecnica

Genre - drama
Film Run - 100 min.
Year - 2007
Procution state - Terminato
Format - 35mm - color
Aspect Ratio - 1:1.85
Sound Mix - Dolby Digital

Premi e Festival

Awards and Festivals - Special Event at Torino Film Festival 2007
Nastro d'Argento Europeo and Globo d'Oro rising star actress Kasia Smutniak
Premio di Qualità – Ministero Beni Culturali

Rassegna Stampa

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