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Lo Zucco. The Wine of the Son of the King of the French

Lo Zucco. The Wine of the Son of the King of the French
  • Director:

    Lidia Rizzo

  • Featuring:

    Pietro Galioto
    Giacomo Ansaldi
    Olivier Bosc
    Michele Di Dio
    Salvo Di Matteo
    Nicole Garnier
    Renata Niggli
    Ennio Palmigiano
    Giuseppe Polizzi
    Giovanni Purpura
    Vito Talluto
    Vittorio Umiltà
    and with
    Enzo Sellerio

  • Film Producers:

    Bruno Tribbioli
    Alessandro Bonifazi

  • Produced by:

    Blue Film
    with the contribution of
    Sicilia Film Commission

  • Cinematography:

    Orazio Cristaldi
    Antonio Covato

  • Editing:

    Valeria Biclungo

  • Music:

    Rudy Gnutti

  • World Sales:


What brought the richest man of the late 18th century to die in a province in the depths of southern Italy? A grand estate, a wine: Zucco. The Duke of Aumale was the son of Louis Philippe, the first bourgeois King, known as the King of the French. He was exiled from his beloved France and in Sicily found a land where he could apply the 'agricultural' precepts of Virgil, an author loved by his childhood educator Cuvilliere-Fleury, correspondence with whom lasted throughout his life and bear witness to his love of books, art and wine. Zucco's wines became famous for their purity compared to the Maderas which used to be drunk at that time. They were produced by the Duke in an avant-garde winery which provided work for the majority of the population of Montelepre. Those wines are no longer produced today but they have left indelible memories between Chantilly Castle in France and the Fiefdom of Zucco in the Province of Palermo. Peter has inherited a part of the Zucco estate from his father where he grew up listening to legends about the Duke told by the old field-workers. Peter produces organic citrus fruit, but one day he hears a voice... the call of the Zucco wine which surpasses time and will perhaps change his life...

Scheda Tecnica

Genre - documentary
Film Run - 60 min.
Year - 2012
Procution state - Terminato
Format - HD - color
Aspect Ratio - 1:1.85

Premi e Festival

Awards and Festivals -

Clorofilla Film Festival - Festambiente 2013
A Better World 13ª Mostra Internazionale di Architettura Biennale di Venezia
Sonoma California 35° Festival Internazionale del film
Prix De La Revue Des Œnologues 20th Oenovideo International Grape and Wine Film Festival - Carcassonne Francia
Special Screening at Vinitaly 2013 – Verona
Vinarte Award at XXI IFFEST Document.Art. - Bucarest, Romania

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