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Jews in Rome

Jews in Rome
  • Director:

    Gianfranco Pannone

  • Featuring:

    David Limentani
    Micaela Pavoncello
    Giovanni Terracina
    Roberto Calò
    Leonello Del Monte
    Claudio Di Segni
    Yael Finzi
    Hamos Guetta
    Evelina Meghnagi
    Alberto Pavoncello
    Claudio Procaccia
    Daniele Regard
    Angelo Sermoneta
    Bianca Sonnino
    Giancarlo Terracina
    Daniele Terracina
    Tobia Zevi
    Riccardo Di Segni
    Riccardo Pacifici
    Alberto Funaro
    Benchabat Amram

  • Film Producers:

    Bruno Tribbioli
    Alessandro Bonifazi

  • Produced by:

    Blue Film
    RAI Cinema
    with the contribution of
    Regione Lazio
    in collaboration with
    under the patronage of
    ComunitĂ  Ebraica di Roma

  • Subject:

    Agostino Mellino
    Gianfranco Pannone

  • Cinematography:

    Tarek Ben Abdallah

  • Editing:

    Erika Manoni

  • Music:

    Rudy Gnutti
    Evelina Meghnagi

  • Sound:

    Andrea Viali

  • Italian Distribution:


The Jewish Community of Rome, the oldest in the Western world, told through three witnesses that represent many generations: David, John and Michela. The elder and indomitable David was the right arm of the former Chief Rabbi Elio Toaff, and thanks to the business of which is the seventh generation, knows very well his Rome, which looks sly secularism. John, who is forty years old, has decided to invest on Jewish food and wine, cultivates a strong religious feeling, in which eating kosher (that is in accordance with the laws of God) such as respect for the shabat and Jewish holidays, also become rediscovery of identity. Michela, mother thirties, is tourist guide in the Ghetto of Rome, which accompanies, not without humor, foreign tourists are on a route through which the dramatic events of the Jews of Rome, from the persecutions of the popes to the Holocaust. But first of all in these three persons is proud to be a part of Jewish culture in the heart of Rome.

Scheda Tecnica

Genre - documentary
Film Run - 56 min.
Year - 2012
Procution state - Terminato
Format -

HD - colore

Aspect Ratio - 1:1.85

Premi e Festival

Awards and Festivals -

Official Selection Arcipelago -  Extralarge Section National Documentary Contest
Special Event at VII Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma
Featuring Film Award at Ariano International Film Festival 2013
Official Selection Genova Film Festival
Special Event at BIF&ST Bari International Film Festival
Special Event at JEWISH EYE World Jewish Film Festival
"Best Cultural, Historical and Religious Tourism Documentary" Award at XXI IFFEST Document.Art - Bucarest

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