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Jews in Rome - Regia di: Gianfranco Pannone

The Jewish Community of Rome, the oldest in the Western world, told through three witnesses that represent many generations: David, John and Michela. The elder and indomitable David was the right arm of the former Chief Rabbi Elio Toaff, and thanks to the business of which is the seventh generation, knows very well his Rome, which looks sly secularism. John, who is forty years old, has decided to invest on Jewish food and wine, cultivates a strong religious feeling, in which eating kosher (that is in accordance with the laws of God) such as respect for the shabat and Jewish…
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2012 - Documentary, prod. Blue Film, with  the contribution of Rai Cinema, MiBAC, Regione Lazio, in collaboration with Cinecittà Luce, under the patronage of Comunità Ebraica di Roma, Comune di Roma and Provincia di Roma.
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Official Selection Arcipelago -  Extralarge Section National Documentary Contest
Special Event at VII Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma
Featuring Film Award at Ariano International Film Festival 2013
Official Selection Genova Film Festival
Special Event at BIF&ST Bari International Film Festival
Special Event at JEWISH EYE World Jewish Film Festival
"Best Cultural, Historical and Religious Tourism Documentary" Award at XXI IFFEST Document.Art - Bucarest

La strada verso casa - Regia di: Samuele Rossi

There are times when life suddenly breaks. When his father dies, Michelangelo - a young, aspiring writer - has to deal with the impossibility of finally being understood and he has to give up his dream in order to take care of his mother and sister. Antonio, a rich factory owner, finds himself trapped in his wife's reality: Marta is unable to process their daughter's early death. Giulia is a young woman who gave birth to her child, short after her husband got in an accident. Eversince that day, she lives in the hospital and waits for her husband to…
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2011 - Featuring film, HD, prod. Blue Film in association with FourLab and Echivisivi
Featuring Giorgio Colangeli, Alessandro Marverti, Cecilia Albertini, Roberta Caronia
Blue Film Distribution
Nomination Best Original Screenplay New York City International Film Festival 2011
Critic's Award M-Feel, Audience Award SocialWord and Special Mention for Best Cast atXV Terra di Siena International Film Festival
Special Event Europe Cinema at Portland Maine Film Festival 2011
New Filmmakers Competition - Official Selection 35th São Paulo Internacional Film Festival
VI Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma Vetrina dei Giovani Cineasti Italiani
Best Actor Award to Giorgio Colangeli at XI Festival del Cinema Indipendente
Ricciolo D'Oro Award Best International Featuring Film at V Filmfestival del Garda

Scorie in libertà - Regia di: Gianfranco Pannone

Director Gianfranco Pannone, after Piccola America (1991) and Latina/Littoria (2001), is back in the pontine area, where he grew up. We are about 70 kilometers south of Rome, in an area known as the "swamp redeemed" improved by Mussolini during the Fascist period. At Borgo Sabotino, near Latina, in 1963, in full economic boom was built a nuclear power plant, then the largest in Europe, welcomed by all with great enthusiasm. Pannone, who, college student, in the second half of the eighties was part of a local anti-nuclear committee mobilized for the referendum against nuclear power after the Chernobyl tragedy,…
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2011 - Documentary, prod. Effetto Notte in partnership with Blue Film and First Life and with UCCA, ARCI and LEGAMBIENTE

Sul fiume - Regia di: Davide Maldi

It is a story on the Tiber river: the story of a place and its environment, its nature, of those who still live in it and near it works. It is the journey of three friends, who choose the river of their city to live a moment of detachment from the world, in search of childhood's euphoria, a look of wonder. They navigate, with all their expectations, from the countryside to the sea, passing through the city. A way to find traces of a mythic vision and hear them still alive. "On the River" is a slow pilgrimage, down the…
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2011 -  Documentary, prod. Blue Film and Poorhouse Pictures with the support of Roma Lazio Film Commission
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Isole del vento di vino - Regia di: Lidia Rizzo

The viticulture of the minor islands of Sicily (Mozia, Pantelleria, Lipari and Salina) is part of the ancient history in the heart of the Mediterranean world. This millenary dwelling place of the gods, for centuries has had to give in to the will of the wind in order to obtain 'The Nectar of the Gods'. Each time digging holes to plant grapevines and each time building by hand kilometres of walls.... However, these farmers and sailors on "The Islands of Divine Wind" have invariably produced strong sweet wine, made from raisins, which is unique and unmistakable. It is their expression…
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2011 - Documentary, prod. Blue Film, with the support of Regione Siciliana – Assessorato delle Risorse Agricole e Alimentari
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Quando Castro e Guevara, subito dopo la Rivoluzione, varcarono per la prima volta la soglia de L'Avana Country Club per fare una partita a golf, conversando su cosa la Rivoluzione potesse dare al popolo decisero che in quel parco, un tempo dedicato al solo divertimento dei ricchi, sarebbe sorto il più importante centro culturale del Sudamerica, dove migliaia di studenti dall'America Latina, dall'Africa e dall'Asia avrebbero studiato l'arte gratuitamente. A trasformare questo sogno in realtà furono chiamati tre giovanissimi architetti, due dei quali italiani: Vittorio Garatti, Roberto Gottardi e Ricardo Porro. Un Sueño a Mitad racconta tre storie di vita…

La decima onda - Regia di: Francesco Colangelo

The painful choice of three Puglia's fishermen of having to get rid of the body of a migrant, in order to not have problems with the authorities. Each of them has something in his past that makes him uncomfortable with the authorities and with the choice of giving simple burial to the poor body.
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2011 - Short Film, prod. Blue Film, with the support of Fondazione Apulia Film Commission
Blue Film Distribution

Ritratto di mio padre - Regia di: Maria Sole Tognazzi

Twenty years after the death of Ugo Tognazzi: life, loves, passions, successes and disappointments of the great actor but also the sides and the hidden secrets never revealed, the lesser-known works. Man provocative, teasing, lazy and collegiate: He loved life and its pleasures, but he could also be tenacious, brave and combative. He always presented himself for what he was, no excuses, justifications or embarrassment. Ugo loved convivial life, the extended family, dinners with friends. For the first time the Tognazzi familiy granted, for the production of the documentary, use of personal photos and backstage made ​​on the set of…
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2010 - Documentary, prod. Blue Film, LA7, Ascent Film and Surf Film, with the support of Regione Lazio and Roma Lazio Film Commission. Surf Film Distribution
Nastro d'Argento 2011
Special Event at V Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma
Nomination at David di Donatello 2010
Festival Award at 64° Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Salerno


La balena di Rossellini - Regia di: Claudio Bondì

La Balena di Rossellini origins from one of the most beautiful Roberto Rossellini's dreams, an exemplary project for his autorial path. The film conceived, but never realized, by Rossellini took shape in his notes after a trip to Chile conducted in May of 1971, a trip made to conduct an interview-portrait of Salvador Allende, then actually carried out by the director of "Rome, Open City". October 28, 1971: Rossellini, back from Santiago, Chile, reads a newspaper reports of a beached whale on the Pacific coast near a poor village inhabited by fishermen. From this simple news comes a film script…
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2010 - Documentary, prod. Blue Film; with the support of MiBAC, in association with Rossellini Film&Tv and Roma Lazio Film Commission, under the patronage of Ambasciata del Cile in Italia
Blue Film Distribution
Special Event at 67ª Mostra del Cinema di Venezia – Giornate degli Autori
Bari International Film Festival 2010
64° Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Salerno


Through Korean Cinema - Regia di: Leonardo Cinieri Lombroso

Discover the roots of Korean cinema. A cinema who surprised by the success recorded in the major international festivals. Interviews at five famous Korean directors, to get to know closely the evolution of Korean cinema. Through their words, their pictures and their stories. The interviews will be made to Im Kwon-taek, regarded by all as the great master. Park Kwang-Su, Lee chang-dong and Lee Myung-se (directors who began the new current call "New Korean Cinema"), Park Chan-wook (modern successful directors)The Korean cinema has tendency to describe both the society, the past and the modern. The world of west cinema knows…
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2010 - Documentary, prod. Blue Film
Blue Film Distribution
World Sales Wide House
15° Busan International Film Festival – Wide Angle – official selection
24° Tokyo International Film Festival – official selection
8° Festival of Korean Cinema in Italy – official selection
21° Fukuoka International Film Festival – official selection

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