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Immota Manet - Regia di: Gianfranco Pannone

In april 2009 director Gianfranco Pannone, with the students of L'Aquila Film Academy, was preparing a documentary movie about writer Ignazio Silone. The april's earthquake stopped everything, even the school suffered huge damages. Born this way "Immota Manet", short documentary where coexist earthquake's pictures along with pieces from Silone's book "Uscita di sicurezza". The abruzzese writer tells the 1915's earthquake that killed his mother and other relatives, leaving, in the end, a warning to everyone took advantage from that tragedy to obtain economic returns. A warning that take us back to our days' fears.
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2009 - Documentary, prod. Blue Film with Accademia dell'Immagine dell'Aquila
Presented at IV Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma

The Color of Words - Regia di: Marco Puccioni

Main characters in this story are four friends, intellectuals, musicians, trade unionists, and African cultural mediators who have been fighting for years for immigrants rights but also to spread their culture in our country. Theodore Ndjock Ngan, Steve Emejuru, Martin Congo, Justin Mondo have been living in Italy for over 30 years, but their work is hardly recognized by the Italian society.They arrive in Rome as students in the early seventies. They live under the indifference of a city that has changed, Rome lives a busy season in matter of political struggles and foreigners are not yet called "vu cumprà"…
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2009 - Documentary, prod. Blue Film and Intel Film
Blue Film Distribution
Orizzonti Official Selection at 66th Mostra del Cinema di Venezia
Best Sound and Best Actor Awards at 17° Premio Libero Bizzarri
Best Documentary Award at 5° Umbria International Film Fest – Popoli e Religioni
RESET Dialogues on Civilizations Award and Special Jury Prize (ex-aequo) at SoleLuna Festival 2010
Jury Special Mention at Foggia Film Festival 2010
Pietro Germi: The Good, the Handsome, the Bad charts Pietro Germi's film career through interviews with his actors: Lando Buzzanca, Claudia Cardinale, Virna Lisi, Stefania Sandrelli, Elena Varzi; colleagues Pupi Avati and Carlo Lizzani; film historians Adriano Aprà, Mario Sesti and Marco Vanelli, as well as his collaborators and relatives.The film centres around the four significant periods of Pietro Germi's work: neorealism, his great genre films, the invention of the Italian comedy and his attempts, towards the end of his career, to follow new narrative structures. These reference points do not cover all areas of his filmography, but they do…
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2009 - Documentary, prod. Blue Film, Ascent Film and La7, with the support of Regione Lazio
Italian Distribution Blue Film
French Distribution Carlotta Film
World Premiere at 62° Festival de Cannes, Cannes Classic section
39° Molodist Kiev International Film Festival – Official Selection

Sicilia un mare di vino - Regia di: Lidia Rizzo

A "blue" wire links the fortunes of Sicilian wine and the sea: the Phoenicians bring it in Sicily and spread to the rest of the continent. The Greeks cultivated the vine and dedicated to Dionysus, in Pantelleria there are still the heroic farmers of Muscat of Alexandria. John Woodhouse and his Marsala revolutionized the economy of Sicily in 19th century. King Ferdinand of the Two Sicilies built the Royal Cellar of Partinico and, in the province of Palermo, the Duke of Aumale created the famous Moscato Zucco. Today western Sicily is the most vine-planted area of Italy and the Sicilian…
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2009 - Documentary, prod. Blue Film, with the support of Regione Siciliana – Assessorato Agricoltura e Foreste
Blue Film Distribution

Beket - Regia di: Davide Manuli

Freak and Jajà are in a place with no date and time. A no man's world. The earth is no longer inhabited by man, but on rare occasions a strange survivor or two will appear. The two protagonists who have never met, meet at Bus stop in the middle of nowhere. The Bus arrives but doesn't stop, it was the Bus that was going to GODOT, the God which manifested itself through a musical sound on the other side of the mountain. So Freak and Jajà decide to look for him on foot, in this way embarking on a journey…
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2008 - Feature Film 35 mm, b/w, prod. Blue Film and Shooting Hope Productions, with the support of Unione dei Comuni della Gallura e Tempio Pausania, Delphina hotels & resort, Provincia del Medio Campidano, Coocon Art and Gianluca Vassallo
Featuring Fabrizio Gifuni, Paolo Rossi, Luciano Curreli, Roberto "Freak" Antoni, Jerome Duranteau
Italian Distribution Blue Film
Foreign Distribution and Home Video Gruppo Minerva Raro Video
Most Significant Film Award assigned by indipendent film critic, "Cineasti del Presente" Section at 61ª Locarno International Film Festival
Cutting Edge Award – Best Avant-garde Film at Miami International Film Festival 2009
Winner of Renderyard International Film Festival – Londra 2009
Nomination Best Sound (Marco Fiumara) at Nastri d'Argento 2009
Nomination Best Debut Film at Ciak d'Oro 2009
Jury Special Prize at SulmonaCinema FilmFestival 2008
Critic's Award at Terra di Siena Film Festival 2008
"Lanterna magica" Award at 16mm Film Festival 2009
Selected by more than 50 Festival and Flm Expositions worldwide
Beket has been distributed in Greece from February2009 by George Dendralidis' "Two-one-zero Films" in Athens' Trianon and Mikrokosmos theatres and at the Amsterdam's Smart Project Space in April 2009

Red Sunrise - Regia di: Gianfranco Pannone

Reggio Emilia,1969. Thirty young militant communists leave the Communist Party, accusing it of having betrayed the ideals of the 'Resistenza', and , together with other young people of anarchic, socialist and catholic extraction, they form 'l'Appartamento', a commune where revolutionary dreams are bandied around. It is the same dreams that their fathers and grandfathers had had to abandon at the end of the war, due to Palmiro Togliatti's pacifying policies. From the group of the Appartamento soon emerged the most dangerous terrorists of the future Red Brigades: Alberto Franceschini, Tonino Loris Paroli, Prospero Gallinari, Roberto Ognibene, Lauro Azzolini.Reggio Emilia, autumn…
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2008 - Documentary 35 mm. by Giovanni Fasanella and Gianfranco Pannone, loosely based on the book "Che cosa sono le BR" by Alberto Franceschini and Giovanni Fasanella, prod. Blue Film, with the support of MiBAC and Regione Lazio by the means of FI.LA.S.
Iguana Film e Blue Film Distribution
Publishing Distribution ChiareLettere (book + dvd)
Foreign distribution and Home Video Gruppo Minerva Raro Video
Special event at 61st Locarno Film Festival "Ici et Ailleurs" secton
Viennale Vienna International Film Festival 2008
In competition at London International Documentary Festival 2009
In competition at Mostra Internacional de Cinema de Sao Paulo

Nelle tue mani - Regia di: Peter Del Monte

Teo is a student of astrophysics and shares a flat with his girlfriend, Carla, who's also a student. One evening, while crossing the road carelessly, Teo is hit by a car drived by Mavi, a girl from Split, arrived in Italy with his father when she was a child. Teo is lying on the ground, wounded, and Mavi give aid to him, only to disappear into thin air. The couple will meet again by chance some time later, only to immediately establish a strong and deep bond. The years go by: Teo and Mavi got married, had a daughter, Caterina,…
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2007 - Feature Film 35 mm., prod. Blue Film, 11 Marzo Film and Coca Color
Featuring Kasia Smutniak and Marco Foschi
Teodora Film Distribution
Special Event at Torino Film Festival 2007
Nastro d'Argento Europeo and Globo d'Oro rising star actress Kasia Smutniak
Premio di Qualità – Ministero Beni Culturali

Non tacere - Regia di: Fabio Grimaldi

The documentary tells the story of Don Roberto Pilcher and the extraordinary events of the 725 School, which he founded in 1968 in the slums of Rome's "Acquedotto Felice". The priest went to live in that place of marginalization by sharing problems and hopes the outskirts of Rome. Now, Don Roberto decides to meet again with his former students to write, as then, a letter to the mayor of Rome, denouncing the new poverty and new injustices. The meeting will be an opportunity to reflect on the significance of changes over thirty years of our history.
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2007 - Documentary HD, prod. Blue Film, with the suport of Regione Lazio and Provincia di Roma
Blue Film Distribution
Best Documentary Award at 16ª Edizione di Arcipelago
Visioni Fuori Raccordo Award
Nominated at David di Donatello as Best Documentary 2009
Palladium Flower Award at Assisi Flower Film Festival 2009 

Una questione poco privata - Regia di: Gianfranco Pannone

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2007 - Documentary, prod. Blue Film
Special Event at 64ª Mostra del Cinema di Venezia

Guerra civile - 1943 1945 1948 Una storia fotografica

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