Blue Film

Gli ultimi cavalli Norici

Gli ultimi cavalli Norici
  • Director:

    Sergio Tau

  • Film Producer:

    Blue Film

    in collaborazione con
    Rai 3

  • Cinematography:

    Beppe Gallo

  • Editing:

    Valeria Biclungo

  • Music:

    Fabrizio Fornaci


When December 15, 1587 the prince-bishop of Trento gave the coat of arms to the Magnificent Community of Fiemme, it had been more than fifteen hundred years after the time when the Romans had found here the descendants of the great horses that, before Iron Age, the Celts had tamed and brought to this side of the mountains. The Romans made ‚Äč‚Äčthem cross, in the province they called Noricum, with mythical steeds be channeled from the Veneto region where, according to legend, they had been tamed by Diomedes. Black, Vulkan, Diamant, and Elmar Schaunitz are stallions from which descend the current lines of Noricum. A breeder of this horse breed near to extinction once said that if in the mythology of the Mediterranean it took four horses to cross the sky from the chariot of the sun , in the Celts will suffice two. But Noriker, of course. In Val di Fiemme think the same way.

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