Blue Film

La farina gialla e la patata blu

La farina gialla e la patata blu
  • Director:

    Sergio Tau

  • Film Producer:

    Alessandro Bonifazi

  • Produced by:

    Blue Film

    in association with
    Rai 3

  • Cinematography:

    Antonio Covato

  • Editing:

    Eleonora Marino
    Valeria Biclungo

  • Music:

    Fabrizio Fornaci


To avert famine came from South America maize. Yellow corn flour, cooked without knowing the secrets of the Native Americans, provoked in these valleys the terrible pellagra which were saved only by the coal miners cause their recipe was more rich. They ate it together with cheese, sausage and wine, known as "polenta carbonera". In the ancient village of Storo, in the Valle del Chiese, the inhabitants put to dry, even today, corn cobs in large festoons the sides of buildings. At 1000 meters high, in the country of Sfruz in the Val di Non, the corn does not grow. The coat of arms of the town there is a flower, that of the potato. The 300 inhabitants, the ancient builders of stoves, grow different types of potatoes, each with different property 'and curiosity'. But only in Margone Vezzano growing blue potatoes.

Scheda Tecnica

Genre - documentary
Procution state - Terminato