Blue Film

Il colore del sale

Il colore del sale
  • Director:

    Sergio Tau

  • Produced by:

    Blue Film

    in association with
    Rai 3

  • Cinematography:

    Antonio Covato

  • Editing:

    Alessandro Latrofa

  • Music:

    Fabrizio Fornaci


From the world's salts different colors and tastes - used in the greatest chef's kitchens - to the times where having it meant riches and salt was so much essential to cause fierce wars. A story told like a journey across the richest of history saltworks and saltmines: from Dalmatia to Camargue, from Madonie's mountains to Naples' salt fair, Margherita di Savoia, Trapani, Marsala

Scheda Tecnica

Genre - documentary
Procution state - Terminato